Eve's Poet

by Tom Arrow

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released September 29, 2016




Tom Arrow München, Germany

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Track Name: I
She was a lonely girl
in a big big house
And heaven was framed by
the walls of alien glory.

Then that first day came
as she smelled the same,
the smell of human waste.
And that girl was scared
and her feet carried her away.

The beach was hers,
but she felt refused.
She took the run
until her feet got used
to damage she hadn´t done.

The saying was,
that she had to pass
through the darkness to wait
for the day that would cast
her life a sense she would like.

She´s a big big girl
in a big big house
and the hounds keep
the evil away from the belts
that hold her onto the ground.

Sometimes she looks up high
and she wonders why
life can´t feel anymore real.
When all the love was in vain,
she put her faith into pain.
Track Name: Second Me
You know you have
something that I want
I want to do things
that I can´t

You know you are
something that I need.
Don´t you see my scar?
Your beauty kills my greed

At dark night I rest on the bars,
wish you were here with me
softly touching my limbs just to
distract my eyes from the stars.

And when I look into your eyes,
I can´t see the loner in disguise.
Because we want this to be nice,
that´s why we need to pay the price.

This is a lovesong for
the masses.
For all the major genders
and all classes.

I know I am not the only one
and I do not want to be alone
I know everybody wants
to go along

Without you nothing does make sense,
not the sun or moon behind the fence.
I like to think that you might be just right,
life´ll be alright without another fight.

You know, without you,
I today can not enjoy myself.
And it´s true,
into you I want to delve

In my dreams,
when all my madness comes true,
we have lost our means,
it´s just me and you.

I merely phantasize
about a world in red,
a world of fire and desire,
in a place we met.

I want to see you naked,
I want to see you small.
I want to lose my fear,
oh, you look so tall.

I want to touch your face tonight,
loving salvage in your sight.
And when I see you´re not that special,
I will go and leave you, alright!?

Now I know I don´t want
anything that I love
But I will fly behind you
With highest guards towards the dove.
Track Name: Illusion Of Control
A small cute train
on a circulary trail.
The station it will never reach,
the captain is insane.

The railway leads up in the sky,
around the villages are small.
The passengers fear for their lives,
but they need the speed to go.

Dear travelers,
don´t open the windows,
the air up here is thin and cold.
And they are stuck anyway,
the golden framing is set to hold.

And for your entertainment
we have prepared an onboard contest show.
It´s just a lone small game
to keep the oven glow.

Grow out of your pants and dance,
prepare a smile out of coal.
Weep to the left and right
to keep the train under control.

The days up here are bright as night
and other trains are scarce.
The passions on this lonely track
show them all the way they are.

And people looking at the train,
their gazes, excited and amused.
Through milky glass they grasp
the flames of dancing shapes.
Vanishing as they arise,
it´s the train of one-way chance.
Track Name: Untouchable
They are invincible.
their eyes are innocent.
They know principles,
some ones one wouldn´t understand.

One gave the left part of her face
for the second to embrace desire
for the longing maze of
craving atumns haze.

Now the second was amused
like once the one has often used to
get along with all her feelings with
the chill of elevating ai r.

The second grew as tall,
not yet on a par by all accounts
to come in cycles of recycled information
as heard by the inner outer voice
from the pupils revering fear of choice

Having things she ever faded for,
she subdued her passion furthermore
to keep a strange eye on a passing stranger,
not much of judgement to impress ideals

Now there´s not much to say
about desire and the ferocious way
it can in deepness seldom take
the first time it is awake.

A mind is not half stolen nor
reminds of darker times.
But empathy may sometimes lose it´s halt
and trip some chance of favor.
But flavour changes fast.
Track Name: Don't try
try to be so tough
try to act so serious.

Don´t think
you need to be rough
to make yourself
a mysterium

… to me …

don´t need to be tough
and you
don´t need to act too serious.

don´t need to be rough.
Come love,
we´re old enough.
Track Name: A Man All The Way
I go on the street
God I know all I need
is a smile from a passing stranger

As they go and they cease
I feel softly the breeze
of a wind laughing at my heart

Have you been waiting for danger
I don´t know what to think
Am I right or am I right to sink

At the mirror I´d stay
and hope to see a man every day
But now the birdies tweet
and my happiness fleet
is made up for its way

At the end of the walk
I would sit down and talk
about the beauty to myself

But I would not believe
what I unlearned to percieve
in days of verdant desire

There lay in the shelf
All the rest of my self
in atmosphere of inferiority

And in struggle I´d be
always hoping to see
the man I then wanted to be
But now a jolty jolt
gave me a smile to hold
on to at days I feel too old
to be what I was never meant to be

Look below the wonderful sun
Look where love has begun
to rise from all spots where
were none of the thoughts
that you have forever mislaid
Track Name: Brain Safe
Caught in a brain safe,
caught in a brain safe place
where you can stay safe.

You need a place to be,
when you´re not here to see
what you can earn to be, really.

Caught in a brain safe.

Be sure you can not see
behind the option tree,
where your decisions flee.

But the brain can.

There is a place to wait for me.
It can see far beyond the memory.
Not a thing to miss for the evening tea.

It is the brain can.

Caught in a brain safe.

Not all the evens match the odd,
not all the wise men believe in god
and this feeling´s all you´ve got.

Caught in a brain safe
Caught in a brain safe place
where you can stay safe.

Safe. Not you. But your safe ways.
Track Name: Never Seen The Sea
Next time,
please send the wind ahead.
And I will be ready
for the love I lack.

Next time,
please send the pain ahead.
So I will be steady
to love you back.

The beauty you gave
was enough to be brave.
Too bad I had to kill it;
loving is the villain.
Bit sad that afterlife´s
without you.

There is time
to find heaven´s end,
to get wise,
and to comprehend.

Yes, fine,
I wasted you just to delve.
I needed you
to find myself.

I knew what I wanted
to give back to you.
I took my thoughts
for granted,
but my feelings were tru-
ly not the same.

Next time,
I´ll try to understand.
I´ll try to give
you the other hand.

Next time,
I´ll know when you´re right ahead.
I´ll know the wind
and feel with my head.

We´re both no romantics, but
I needed to be to know
I don’t care to swim
in the big Atlantic anymore.
It swallowed me so I could adore.
Track Name: Scanctuary
At late afternoon
in a suburban atmosphere of haze and
mechanical wooden jungle,
one like organically forged backdrop
for the refuge, a vastly reverential, barricaded
tenement of an unknown, but brillant scientist…

Dusty light throws up the air
waving softly through your hair.
Papers written for a world
never seen and never hurled.

On your eyebrows lies a thin
stint of a wavy savvy grin.
Known no time before today,
known no way besides to stay.

All the day spent at your desk,
your research offers you no rest.
You need to find out what´s to prove,
to find directions, try to move.

Drying ink that never dies,
specified matter knows no lies.
Good ideas need to rest,
need to age to be the best.

All the species you have left behind.
You will always find another kind.

Memories proven to be wrong
never came, were never gone.
Ideas found and lost in time,
feelings founding utter prime.

Having seen so much and fade,
having done so much not made.
Found a point where´s none to make,
found no plea to be awake.

Dusk has come to be your day,
when daylight finally finds a way
through a knothole in the bark,
briefly splitting up your dark.

Stacks of wisdom piling high,
knowing questions, asking why.
Lost decades in thousand thoughts,
lost a thousand worthy foughts.

Think of
All the species you have left behind
to find ... another kind

Having searched for life you saw,
ditched the features of your law.
Needed search and find a proof,
to find your true self on the move.

Needed to be near to truth,
to feel intimate with the map.
Understood everybody´s youth,
verified trials close the gap.

All the species you have left behind.
You will always find another kind.
It never is too late.
There´s no time to wait.
Track Name: Come And Understand
They´ll come and understand
They´ll come and understand
They´ll see and put a stamp
on the things they understand

In the eye a mind is flat,
yes your mind and mine are flat,
whether tall or rather fat,
whether weird or wearing hat

Perfection, that is dumb,
makes you feel perfectly dumb,
and perfection makes you numb,
makes your senses seem so numb.

Yes the color that is bright,
colors shiny so and bright,
it will blind you, take your sight,
take your eyes into the night.

And the chaos makes you rare,
yes distinctively you´re rare,
for all the things for which you care,
and for the fair and fairy share.

In the void your tear is long,
your tear of fear so very long,
for a string of tear goes well along
to all the places you belong

And the steam will build a flower
build a condensed water flower,
build fluid drops of human power.
Mind a mighty wooden tower

Once you forgot what was to say,
when you forget what was to say,
you will find back on your way,
which leaves you wondr´ing every day.

Yes nature is your father,
all the long roads are your father,
even if your mind would rather
be a son of someones father.

Yes and nature is your mother,
all the shortcuts are your mother,
like your mother there´s no other,
but why would you ever bother.

Yes, the other ones will learn
They will come and they will learn
all the things they´ll need to earn
all the things for which they yearn
Track Name: Waiting For Pass (Poem)
A word.
Serve my sword.
Little bird,
have you heard?

Black knight,
hiding in dark night.
His sight
as small as his might.

Have you born,
have you raised,
have you lost,
have you ceased to waste

Your time
is as good as mine,
holding in line.
I feel fine.

Bark battles nest,
crowding in rest,
shows the best
next to the wasted.

All that day did,
a prey wit,
all that dog bit,
so long have we waited.

I will smile,
ten times a mile.
And once in a while,
I´ll smile at a pile of waste.

There´s no time to cry,
no need to deny.
No truth to defy,
the reason is: Why?
Track Name: Body
Oh, dear, I love you,
I don´t know what to say.
Dear world, I so love you,
there´s no way to tell you: I need you.

I feel carved into wood
and I think of my time.
The challenges keep coming, world,
as long as you´re mine.

Before and beneath the days,
it feels like the immanent says.
Quiet and peaceful and shy,
was the place to find my sky.

Deep late in the pink,
in which I went in too deep,
I ran out of ink, again,
and my beautiful fantasies
cost me my sleep.

Week and wasted,
for good, for the sun,
thoughts enlisted for today,
and the urge to stay away.

My night insisted and
my ideas lost track.
When I found back and again,
I went on the run.

As long as it lasted
and the unknown was vast,
I didn´t find a spell well,
I found there´s no cast.

Feel well and
feel prepared, so long,
for meaning in the moment.
You´re not in control.

The fear of the fears
someone´s left at this place,
is the bleakest of enemies
I´ll ever have to face.
Track Name: Daywake
Hi, my name is … anybody,
I feel you are alone, I feel that
we can be together,
together find a home.

We feel as free as grass,
as any place, any tree.
We can sit together
and watch the rain.

Yes, life sometimes feels easy,
so reasonless, so open,
needless of craving for hope,
it feels a bit dizzy.

The roads are empty houses,
all the people are in sky.
I believe, we can leave together,
leave the hay nest and fly.

No, I don´t want you to leave,
leave your love and place behind, just,
I like the look in our faces,
when we search, are about to find.

New kinds will be born today,
new findings will make obsolete our fears, now,
let´s phantasize, paralyzedly colorize
the pictures in our head.
Track Name: World's Destination
Be aware my child,
this world is old and wild
and I don´t know how to
protect you…

The destiny of time
consumed the happiness of mine
and I am

Medals for the fallen and a
statue for the heroes,
I am standing at a
lone grave…

Now the elder miss the younger
in their chest they feel the color
of infirmity…

A lonely story full of
heat and glory will be
written down on
black stone.
Track Name: Hard To Motivate
Oh you seem
hard to motivate
Oh you are so hard to motivate,
you know you have a world to know
and the weight of the times to bestow;
digging for a soul gate is your fate, today.
Now you´ve spent your day at the desk,
you´ve given all that rubbish all your best.
And feeling proud will save your day,
forgetting petty orders to obey.
Staring at the screen you start to think,
Your work machine´s your only friend and your shrink, today.
You think of warm love lost in vain,
feel like the last cog in the chain.
Time is the gain you never claim.
You seem so hard to motivate,
you strive so hard to be straight,
but the glorious weight of the shard,
keeps you thriving on misregard, today.
You are so hard to motivate.
You have to stay because you came too late, for life.
And your screen tells you what that life´s about,
and you seem to be too tired to scream and shout, today.
Track Name: Newsplash
Daily news is all I need,
my wisdom lies in what I read
and when I find the peoples greed,
my ownself mind is shocked indeed.

And the information´s hack
tells me the people´s for own sack,
When they see some what they lack,
they will bite each them in the neck.

And the news meets with the speed,
of the people I want lead 
me by the hand I want me feed,
so I can feel my mind been freed.

So hefty feels the mash up
of the scythe I want to clash with
any time I´m on a rush cup
in a trenchy forehold mesh lit by a neon tube.
Track Name: Pride Of The Fat Man
Oh, come see, come see,
come, join me at the chronic sea.
You´re strong and you have learned to live.
You´re not primitive.

Your heart is whole,
your soul is beatiful and dark.
In your hands you wield a sudden spark,
come let it fly.

You walk the life
towards the gate of light.
You have the fat mans pride.
You don´t use to thrive.