Come And Understand

from by Tom Arrow

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They´ll come and understand
They´ll come and understand
They´ll see and put a stamp
on the things they understand

In the eye a mind is flat,
yes your mind and mine are flat,
whether tall or rather fat,
whether weird or wearing hat

Perfection, that is dumb,
makes you feel perfectly dumb,
and perfection makes you numb,
makes your senses seem so numb.

Yes the color that is bright,
colors shiny so and bright,
it will blind you, take your sight,
take your eyes into the night.

And the chaos makes you rare,
yes distinctively you´re rare,
for all the things for which you care,
and for the fair and fairy share.

In the void your tear is long,
your tear of fear so very long,
for a string of tear goes well along
to all the places you belong

And the steam will build a flower
build a condensed water flower,
build fluid drops of human power.
Mind a mighty wooden tower

Once you forgot what was to say,
when you forget what was to say,
you will find back on your way,
which leaves you wondr´ing every day.

Yes nature is your father,
all the long roads are your father,
even if your mind would rather
be a son of someones father.

Yes and nature is your mother,
all the shortcuts are your mother,
like your mother there´s no other,
but why would you ever bother.

Yes, the other ones will learn
They will come and they will learn
all the things they´ll need to earn
all the things for which they yearn


from Eve's Poet, released September 29, 2016




Tom Arrow München, Germany

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