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At late afternoon
in a suburban atmosphere of haze and
mechanical wooden jungle,
one like organically forged backdrop
for the refuge, a vastly reverential, barricaded
tenement of an unknown, but brillant scientist…

Dusty light throws up the air
waving softly through your hair.
Papers written for a world
never seen and never hurled.

On your eyebrows lies a thin
stint of a wavy savvy grin.
Known no time before today,
known no way besides to stay.

All the day spent at your desk,
your research offers you no rest.
You need to find out what´s to prove,
to find directions, try to move.

Drying ink that never dies,
specified matter knows no lies.
Good ideas need to rest,
need to age to be the best.

All the species you have left behind.
You will always find another kind.

Memories proven to be wrong
never came, were never gone.
Ideas found and lost in time,
feelings founding utter prime.

Having seen so much and fade,
having done so much not made.
Found a point where´s none to make,
found no plea to be awake.

Dusk has come to be your day,
when daylight finally finds a way
through a knothole in the bark,
briefly splitting up your dark.

Stacks of wisdom piling high,
knowing questions, asking why.
Lost decades in thousand thoughts,
lost a thousand worthy foughts.

Think of
All the species you have left behind
to find ... another kind

Having searched for life you saw,
ditched the features of your law.
Needed search and find a proof,
to find your true self on the move.

Needed to be near to truth,
to feel intimate with the map.
Understood everybody´s youth,
verified trials close the gap.

All the species you have left behind.
You will always find another kind.
It never is too late.
There´s no time to wait.


from Eve's Poet, released September 29, 2016




Tom Arrow München, Germany

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